WP2: Hydrometallurgy testing

Valorization of waste LCDs : LCDVal project is aimed at finding most economical and eco-friendly way to recover Indium from LCD screens


  • Task 2.1 Hydrometallurgical Leaching & Solution concentration and purification
  • Task 2.2 Hydrometallurgical Recovery
  • Task 2.3 Process optimisation
  • Task 2.4 By-product characterisation and waste management.


  • D2.1 Report on hydrometallurgical techniques used
  • D2.2 Report on the quality and quantity of rare earths recovered from LCDs
  • D2.3 Report on factors influencing optimisation
  • D2.4 Report on By-product characterisation and waste management
  • D2.5 Masters (thesis draft) on Rare Earth Recovery from LCDs
  • D2.6 2 peer reviewed publications on rare earth recovery processes